Photo Contest 2017: photos from students abroad in 2016-17

Landscapes & Streetscapes

A landscape or streetscape that reveals or symbolizes your vision of the place you visited and provides a sense of the place in which it was taken. What about this image makes it meaningful for you?


A portrait of a person or group of people you encountered abroad. How did this encounter occur or what was your relationship with this person(s)? How does this portrait capture or illustrate, for you, the way of life or cultural context of the people among whom you lived during your studies abroad? What does it tell you about the people of this country?

The Global Classroom

Select a photo which represents an academic aspect of your off-campus study experience, indicating the name and type of program on which you studied. The photo should:

  • Show a learning experience you had either in the classroom, during a course-related excursion, a cultural event/activity, or while engaging with local culture
  • Illustrate the process of learning (and how it may or may not be different than learning at Colby), or
  • Depicts a product, outcome or achievement which is a result of your academic experience

The Student Experience

Look at the photos you took. Looking beyond the beautiful views or funny shots to select an image that illustrates or documents a personal or professional skill you developed while you were out seeing the world. What does your photo actually say about you and the skills you used or gained during your time away? Explain “what you see” in the photo at first glance (what the picture is about) versus “what you get” (what lesson(s) or skills you derived from the activity or experience.