Connections across campus

Religious and spiritual well-being of the entire Colby community.

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) supports students, faculty and staff as we connect to something greater than ourselves and live out our values.

Here you will explore the complexities of the human experience, find compassionate support, and experience the diversity of religious and spiritual expression in our community.

Explore Colby's vibrant spiritual communities

Catholic Campus Ministry

Jackie Lagutko '24
Giovanna Novi '25
Dan Spofford,
Catholic Campus Minister

Jewish Life

Professor Lauren Cohen Fisher,
Director of Jewish Life

Colby Muslim Society

Furqan Qureshi ‘23
Ibrahim Riaz ’23
Profesor S. Tariq Ahmad,

Monday Night Friends
Community Dinners

Furquan Qureshi '24
Rachel Hatheway '24
Dean Kate Smanik &
Rev. Cito Cruz,

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Giftlin Rajarathinam '24
Lindsay Kim '25
Alison Kim '24
Hae-Jung Kim '24
Stacy Kim '25
Laura Corbett,

Multifaith Dinners

Isabelle Harrison Bregman '24
Audrey Palmer '25
Dean Kate Smanik, Advisor

Join an ORSL group:

Your Colby College email is pre-populated with email addresses for everyone on campus! Send an email to a group leader and they will make sure you get all the club info. You can also sign up at the annual activities fair each fall.

Weekly Opportunities to Connect


10:00 am
Transportation to Catholic Mass
Corpus Christi Parish



Meditation Practice
Rose Chapel

Hearthside Christian Community
Lorimer Lounge


Meditation Practice
Rose Chapel

HealthRhythms Group Drumming
Rose Chapel


Multifaith Dinners
Lorimer Lounge

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Worship
Rose Chapel


Zen Meditation
Rose Chapel

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Community Night
Mary Low Coffee House


2:00pm Jumu’ah Prayer and Colby Muslim Society Lunch Rose Chapel & Lorimer Lounge 5:45pm Shabbat Candle Lighting and Dinner Pugh Center

Featured News:

ORSL Fellowship

This year 10 student leaders join the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life as fellows.  Each Fellow will work to support the office and expand programming to support spiritual wellness across campus.  These students represent a range of religious and spiritual identities and communities.  Each one will take on a different project, from creating programming to unite the arts and spirituality to leading religious services.  

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness has two components, a connection to something that is greater than yourself, and the opportunity to live out your values. We support spiritual wellness in many ways, from exam period care packages to retreats and programs that explore what it means to live a purposeful life. Multi-generational community is important to student development so you will often find Colby employees, community members and their families participating in Spiritual Life programs and events.

Compassionate support

Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life Kate Smanik offers pastoral care for all members of the Colby community. Pastoral care is a source of social, emotional, and spiritual support in which the care provider accompanies the seeker as they work towards wholeness. This care is private and confidential, based on the spiritual beliefs of the individual seeking support.

Support Groups offer social, emotional and spiritual support to a group of individuals around a shared struggle. Grief Support groups form every semester and are open to all members of the Colby community. Other support groups form as necessary – email Kate if you’d like to form a group around a topic that is important to you.

Contact Spiritual Life

Kate Smanik
Dean of Religious and Spiritual life

[email protected]
(207) 859-4272