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Use the information provided here to help yourself, help a friend, and help make Colby College a safe space for everyone.

Primary prevention is our highest goal when addressing sexual violence. This means that we offer educational programs and support services that challenge the beliefs, biases, and behaviors that perpetuate sexual violence. On campus, faculty, staff, and students are working together to create a climate in which sexual violence is impermissible and speaking out against sexual violence is the norm.

When sexual violence does occur, however, we are dedicated to responding in a timely and sensitive manner, ensuring that all involved are aware of the resources available on campus and in the larger Kennebec County area.


Sexual Violence Prevention Programs

Prevention training helps create a campus climate in which sexual respect is the norm and all students feel safe to pursue their goals.

Who to call in response to sexual violence and other
Title IX violations or issues

Support services


Colby Health
Garrison-Foster Building, Room 205,
4490 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901
P: 207-859-4460
[email protected]

Confidential Title IX Advocate
• Emily Schusterbauer
207-859-4093 | email | Pugh 238

Counseling Services

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
• Kate Smanik

Maine’s Sexual Assault Helpline

Maine’s Domestic/Dating Abuse Helpline

Reporting Resources


Title IX Coordinator
• Meg Hatch
207-859-4266 | email | Eustis 210A

Deputy Title IX Coordinators
207-859-4941 |email |  Athletic Center D321

• Carol A. Hurney (for faculty)
207-859-4787 | email | Eustis 203A

• Cora Clukey (for staff)
207-859-5511 | email | 122 Roberts

• Meghan Grandolfo (for Admissions) email | Lunder 118

Waterville Police Department: 911

Emergency Contacts


Campus Security
207-859-5911 (24 hours)

Waterville Police
911 (24 hours)

Administrator on Call
207-859-5530 (24 hours)

If you have experienced sexual assault.

The immediate aftermath of a sexual assault can be painful and confusing. You may feel scared and alone, and you may not know where to turn for help. Listed below are some steps you can take immediately following a sexual assault. These steps are not required but may help you get the best possible care in an emergency.

Sexual violence policy and definitions

Learn how sexual violence is defined under Title IX and addressed on campus.

  • Title IX Policy and Guide
  • Conduct prohibited under Title IX
  • Sexual consent
  • Non-disclosure
  • Letter from the Dean of the College

For Immediate Help

If you need emergency attention and support directly following a sexual assault:

  • Get to a safe place.
  • Avoid washing, douching, brushing your teeth, or changing your clothes. While this may be difficult, preserving any
    evidence is important in case you decide to report the assault to the police.
  • For immediate help, contact:
    • Campus Security (207-859-5911), the Dean on Call (207-859-5530), or the Waterville Police Depart ment (911).
    • Campus Security and the Dean on Call can put you in contact with Colby’s Confidential Title IX Advocate (Emily Schusterbauer) and/or Colby’s Title IX Coordinator.
  • To seek immediate and confidential medical attention, call Colby Emergency Response (207-859-5911) or go the
    Hospital Emergency Room (MaineGeneral Medical Center – Thayer Campus, 149 North Street, Waterville, ME 04901)
  • To have a forensic medical exam and complete a rape kit, go to the Hospital Emergency Room (MaineGeneral Medical
    Center – Thayer Campus, 149 North Street, Waterville, ME 04901)*
  • For 24-hour anonymous support, contact the Maine Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Line: (1-800-871-7741 or 888-458-5599). This hotline is hosted by a county-wide sexual violence initiative; it is not affiliated with Colby College.
  • For additional on-campus support, call a CA and/or a trusted friend.
  • Consider reporting the assault. You may report the assault to the College or to local police. Going to the hospital to seek medical attention does not obligate you to report the crime.

*If you would like to have a forensic medical exam conducted, it is important that you go to the Hospital Emergency Room as soon as possible, ideally within 96 hours of the incident. At MaineGeneral Medical Center-Thayer Campus, a specially trained SAFE nurse will conduct your exam and a support person from The Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center will be made available. Promptly getting a forensic medical exam is important if you think you might report your sexual assault to the police, but getting a forensic medical exam does not obligate you to file a police report.

For Continued Care

The physical and emotional effects of sexual violence can be persistent. Whether you experienced sexual violence last week or last year, it is important that you get the necessary support. Here are some steps you might take:

  • To address any injuries or medical symptoms related to the assault, contact Colby’s Health Services (207-859-4460). They will provide confidential and professional medical care and/or make an appropriate referral to a local physician.
  • For confidential emotional support, contact Colby’s Confidential Tiitle IX Advocate (207-859-4093, [email protected]), Colby’s Counseling Services (207-859-4460) and/or Colby’s Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (207-859-4272).
  • Consider reporting the assault. Students can choose to access these services at any time. Likewise, students can choose to report an incident of sexual violence at any time.

For additional information about getting help for yourself or a friend, see a more complete list of campus and community resources and read about confidentiality on campus.

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Meg Hatch