Academic Support

Colby has programs and resources designed to help students maximize their academic success.

Each student has a faculty advisor and Class Dean, in addition to their course instructors, to consult about academic issues that arise. For individual or more specialized support, the Dean of Studies Office has a variety of programs and programming partnerships to enhance your academic experience. You should always feel welcome to speak with your Class Dean about questions or concerns you have about academics.

Academic Success Programs

Academic success programs – ranging from workshops, roundtables, and reading groups to academic success office hours and peer mentoring – are offered throughout the academic year. These programs promote student academic success and invite students into the full breadth and depth of the Colby academic experience.

Learning Consultants

Learning Consultants

These specialized, expert coaches are available to any Colby student wishing additional academic support, coaching, or skill building. Learning Consultants work with your Class Deans to identify and establish support strategies for your unique needs, and they work one-on-one with you during the academic year to guide your individual success. To find out more or to request a Learning Consultant, please contact your Class Dean.



Colby provides academic support services that supplement the support provided by course instructors. Advanced students are hired as teaching assistants, tutors, or writing fellows.

  1. Consult the professor of the course to review the challenges you are experiencing and to request assistance of a tutor.
  2. If it is decided that you should have a tutor, and if a tutor is available for the subject matter, your professor will share with you the name of an advanced student whose skills match your needs. The Dean of Studies Office maintains a list of current tutors. If you or your professor are unsure of who is currently available to tutor in certain subjects, please reach out to the Dean of Studies Office.
  3. You will contact the tutor to make an initial appointment and set up a regular schedule.
  4. Come prepared for your tutoring session. Do as much work as you can beforehand so that the tutoring time can be spent on specific problem areas. The tutor is there to help you understand course material but their role is not to help you complete your coursework. Working with a tutor, while helpful, is not a substitute for regular class participation, use of faculty office hours, or communication with your course professor.
  5. Keep your appointments. If you must make a change, have the courtesy to notify the tutor in advance.
  6. If you have any problems finding a tutor, working with them, or if you continue to struggle in the class, discuss your concerns as soon as possible with your professor or the tutoring coordinator in the Office of the Dean of Studies.
Private Study Rooms

Private Study Rooms & Lockers in Miller Library

Students who need a private study space may apply to use a study room, a designated quiet space furnished with individual study carrel desks and personal lockers to store materials. Students will be assigned to one of three rooms.

There are a limited number of study carrels available. Students with special circumstances such as honors projects, documented learning differences, independent study projects, or senior scholar work are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to seniors.

If you are interested in securing a private study carrel and / or locker, click here to apply. The Office of the Dean of Studies will notify students via email if they have been granted a study carrel.  

Partner Programs

The Farnham Writers’ Center

Located in Miller Library, the Farnham Writers’ Center works with students on all aspects of writing. They seek to further a culture of writing at Colby and in the community through peer tutoring and special writing events. As a writing resource for our students, they provide information on good writing practices and guidance on grammar and documentation. Even students who have always been strong writers can find themselves feeling less confident when learning how to write in a new academic setting. The Writers’ Center is a warm and friendly space where students can seek advice on every step of the writing process.

Colby Libraries’ staff is available to help answer questions, guide your research, and assist you in finding resources.  There is a Liaison Librarian Program that provides dedicated librarians to every department as well as some co-curricular campus areas.  Liaisons are often subject specialists and are guides and research experts for their assigned academic departments and programs.  Liaisons can answer questions about the Libraries; provide reference assistance and guidance on using the Libraries’ catalog; help you find books, articles, films, etc. for class or for fun; offer tips about choosing databases (and explanations of what databases are!); and provide citation help when you’re incorporating research into your own work.  You can find your liaison here.  You can also send questions to [email protected], and we’ll route them to the right staff member.  At least once each semester, the Libraries will send an email with information, tips, and resources.  You can also follow the Libraries on Instagram.


Academic Success Programs

The Strange Science of Studying, September 13, 12:00PM – 1:00PM
The Strange Science of Studying, September 14, 4:00PM – 5:00PM
A Roadmap to Academic Life and Belonging at Colby, September 20, 12:00PM – 1:00PM
A Roadmap to Academic Life and Belonging at Colby, September 21, 4:00PM – 5:00PM
The Power and Promise of the Liberal Arts, September 27, 12:00PM – 1:00PM
The Power and Promise of the Liberal Arts, September 28, 4:00PM – 5:00PM

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