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Spiritual wellness has two components, a connection to something that is greater than yourself, and the opportunity to live out your values. We support spiritual wellness in many ways, from exam period care packages to retreats and programs that explore what it means to live a purposeful life.

Below is a list of programs that support spiritual wellness and are open to the Colby community. This list is not exhaustive. Watch Colby Now for details about new programs and offerings.

Wellness Programs

Lives of Purpose

Lives of Purpose is a civic engagement and spiritual wellness program open to all Colby students. We start the year with our annual retreat focused on what it means to be a civic actor and build relationships in community. This retreat gives students the tools to ensure that the service they provide to the community builds on their skills and interests, while creating a community of like-minded peers. After the retreat participants volunteer weekly in the Waterville area and meet monthly for reflection sessions to enhance their learning.

Support groups for students, staff, and faculty

The Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life hosts an 8 week Grief Support Group each semester. This group is designed to help individuals move through the grieving process in a supportive community.

Spiritual wellness programs offered through Human Resources

Spiritual wellness is as important for staff and faculty as it is for our students. We are constantly learning, so the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life collaborates with Human Resources to offer annual programs designed to support the spiritual wellbeing of the entire community.

Spiritual Wellness Care Packages provided before finals

This new tradition offers care packages at the end of the semester to students, faculty and staff to support spiritual wellness as we head into the most stressful times of the semester.

Multifaith Dinners

The Multifaith Dinners program meets on Wednesday nights at 5:45 for dinner and conversation about life’s big questions. Each semester we choose a theme to organize around and through a mix of conversation, activities and guest speakers we explore what it means to be a community across lines of difference.

Contact Religious and Spiritual Life

Kate Smanik
Dean of Religious and Spiritual life

[email protected]
(207) 859-4272