trail head sign and map for the beginning of Colby Trail

Welcome to Colby Trail

On the Colby Trail, your first year journey (FYJ) explores: discovery, difference, dialogue, community, and care.

Throughout your first year, we invite students to understand these five features as fundamental to the offer of a liberal arts education at Colby.

  • Discovery refers to our quest for meaning and purpose through the exchange of ideas, narratives, and shared experiences.
  • Difference refers to our reflection on the multiple intersecting factors that shape each person’s unique perspective and experience at Colby and beyond, and our commitment to embrace and explore these perspectives and experiences as  sources of collective learning and growth.
    Dialogue refers to our efforts to learn from each other through critical inquiry and empathetic listening.
  • Care refers to our commitments to social responsibility, care for others, and care for self.
  • Community refers to our intentional efforts to build and strengthen connections, navigate conflicts, and repair harm.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a way for all incoming students to connect with each other, and affinity communities here on campus. The key features are the discussion forum in the various communities where you can post questions, the events where critical deadlines are shared, and the ability to message classmates and student leaders directly without needing to share your phone number directly.
a compass, symbolizing orientation, which will help point students in the right direction at the start of Colby Trail


Orientation will be focused on helping you develop a deeper understanding of the amazing academic and personal journey you’re beginning.

Base Camp

Base Camp is where you go to find online educational content to read or watch and reflect upon that will be followed up on and will connect to and influence/inspire all other content for that year.  Each year’s Base Camp will have different units and content.
campfire representing community building circles

Community Building Circles

Community Building Circles is a time to be in community reflecting on important topics and being in relationship with one another. They are facilitated by your Community Advisors (CA) and more info will be shared by your CA.
camp chairs around a camp table

In-Person Content

Small group educational workshops or trainings that are designed to ground you in topic specific content that is critical to your transition and success for the year.
a cairn, a stack of colorful rocks in colby colors, representing a culmination experience to reflect and connect


A culmination experience to bring students together to connect their learning moments and reflections for the semester and year.
a green X representing the first year class with a dotted line leading to it, showing the end of the first year journey


The final stop along each year’s journey where we will highlight the learning outcomes that have been achieved as a result of engaging in that year’s full content and experience.

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