Accessing care and services at MaineGeneral College Health

Students should bring their Colby Card and insurance card to every visit at MaineGeneral College Health. Upon arrival on their first visit, students may be asked to complete personal health history paperwork. 

MaineGeneral hosts a patient portal called FollowMyHealth, and patients are urged to register. For more information, visit FollowMyHealth® Patient Portal.

Be sure to print, fill out, and bring the disclosure authorization form with you to your first visit. And if applicable to you, fill out the copay subsidy form to ensure your copays are covered by the College.

MaineGeneral College Health patients will be seen by family physicians, including resident family physicians, nurse practitioners and/or registered nurses. Maine Dartmouth Family Practice Residency physicians are medical school graduates who have been accepted by the Residency’s three-year program for advanced training in family medicine. They are supervised by physicians who have completed their own residency training and now work as medical educators.
Patients may request to have a chaperone (another staff member) present during their physical exam. If you would like a chaperone at any time during your exam, please let the provider know. More information on Colby’s Chaperone Policy can be found here.

Our staff can assist your student with their ongoing ADD/ADHD medication with a letter from prescribing physician containing the following information:

  • diagnosis
  • date of diagnosis
  • any supporting documentation (IEP or neuropsych testing results)
  • medication name
  • medication dose
  • date prescription was last filled

The health center must have this documentation on record prior to making an appointment with a provider. Please be sure to allow enough time to avoid a lapse in medication management.

Questions about cost, billing, and insurance

Colby College will pay up to $45.00 per copay per visit for students who have provided their copay information via the Student Health Insurance Copay Subsidy Request form. Any remaining amount owed will be billed directly to the student. 

Co-insurance billing is not covered under Colby’s copay process. Co-insurance amounts are billed directly to the student.

If students have insurance through their family’s policy, they must let the insurance provider know they are a student at Colby College and work with them to determine how to handle their insurance claims while in Maine.

MaineGeneral College Health, like most healthcare clinics, will be unable to process student claims, handle their bills, or answer any questions about their individual policy — students must work with their health insurance company directly. If a student’s policy will not cover their care at MaineGeneral College Health, students are required to find a plan that supports their medical care at Colby. Students may also consider the Colby Student Health Insurance Plan.

Colby does offer a student health insurance plan through Wellfleet. Each year the College sends a notification to students and families reminding them of the insurance-waiver process, which should be completed by July 31 for the upcoming academic year. Students who do not complete the waiver process are automatically enrolled in Colby’s Student Health Insurance Plan.
Students do not need to be enrolled in Colby’s Student Health Insurance Plan to seek care at MaineGeneral College Health.

For billing questions, please call MaineGeneral College Health at 207-861-6860 during 
office hours.

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m


Questions about medical records and privacy

Privacy is extremely important when a patient receives healthcare at MaineGeneral College Health. Records created and maintained by the MaineGeneral organization are considered patient treatment records, and the patient’s privacy of such information is governed by federal and state laws. Unless authorized by law or required by court order, private medical information and patient treatment records will not be shared or released without the patient’s consent. For more information, refer to MaineGeneral Privacy Policy.

To authorize the release of health information, a patient must sign the Release of Information form.

Questions about classes and resources on campus

If students are feeling ill and cannot attend class, it is their responsibility to inform their professors directly. Faculty should communicate their course attendance policies, and some may require verification if they are absent due to illness. Students should work with their class dean in the Dean of Studies Office to provide notification to faculty.

Students should work with their class dean and the director of student access and disability services for temporary support navigating campus.

Yes, each fall the College hosts flu shot clinics free of charge for students. More information will be provided by the director of student wellness and health support annually in September.