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The Colby College Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of the Executive Board and the President’s Council, culminating in a total of 27 elected positions and 6 application-based positions, which are decided upon by the President and Vice-President.

The Executive Board is made up of 8 constitutionally established positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Chair of Communications, Administrative Chair, Chair of Equity & Inclusion, and Vice Chair of Equity & Inclusion. The ninth position, also known as the “floating position,” is decided upon by the President and Vice-President depending on the focus of SGA and the climate of the college. With the opening of the Alfond Commons in Downtown Waterville, the floating position for the 2021-2022 year has been determined to be the Community Engagement Chair. The responsibilities of each Executive Board position are detailed in Article II of the SGA Constitution. 

The President’s Council is made up of 24 elected officials with each class year contributing 6 officials: two co-presidents and four senators. The junior class officer positions are split into a Fall and a Spring semester term to compensate for study abroad. The individuals that make up the President’s Council are the only voting members of SGA and are responsible for advocating the needs of their respective class year to the SGA. The full overview of the responsibilities of the President’s Council and its officers are detailed in Article III of the SGA Constitution. 

Class council selections & student liaisons

At the beginning of the year, each class year selects a class council consisting of approximately 8-15 individuals. Individuals are appointed to their respective class council through an application based process administered by the co-presidents of each respective class year. Class councils receive class feedback, plan class programs, further class identity, and enhance school spirit.

Student Liaisons are separate entities that extend the representation of student voices into SGA operations. The number of Liaisons per year is up to the discretion of the President and Vice President. Liaisons to SGA may be either self-nominated through an application process or recommended by an administrator or staff member based on year-long focuses of the organization. These individuals act as direct communicators between SGA and the respective group they represent on campus.


Student Government Association

WE, the students of Colby College, in order to continually advance the experience of every member within our community, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Colby College Student Government Association, hereinafter SGA. To effectively and fairly represent the best interests of all students of the college, we have adopted the following mission…