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The Presidents Council consists of 24 members. Six representatives are elected from each class year; two Co-Presidents and four Senators. Their work is centered around developing a tightly-knit class community, improving student life across campus, and working with members from across the College to make lasting positive changes.

Class of 2023

Anthony Burnett
Malden, MA

Yo, what's good gangnem, my name is Biz and I’m a Co-President for the Class of 2023. This is my 3rd year serving on SGA trying to fix this institution and my second as class Co-President. I hail from Malden, MA (The Dirty Den) but now live in East Boston, MA with my mother and pitbull named Lexie. I am a government major and religious studies minor and outside of the classroom I play football, co-host a radio show, and announce softball games. Day by day I attempt to make this school less terrible, hard work for sure, but I do try. Everything is seemingly problematic, but it’s whatever I guess. Last Ride, LETS GO.

Lowell Carr
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Hello! My name is Lowell Carr and I am a Senior from Palm Beach Gardens, FL. However, I spent the first 14 years of my life in Maine. I am looking forward to helping the class of 2023 have a memorable and fantastic senior year. I’m a Goverment major with a minor in Sociology and am planning to go on to Law School. Outside of the classroom, I am involved as a Peer Leader for Colby’s Office of Civic Engagement, as a teaching assistant for the Sociology Department, a student worker in the Athletic Training Room and as a kicker/punter and SAAC representative on the Colby Football Team. My summers are spent as a Division Leader at an overnight sports-focused summer camp and interning for a real estate law office. I’m either at the Athletic Complex, the Alfond Commons Apartments or the SGA Offices. I can’t wait to work with all of you!

Kenny Douyon
Boston, MA

Hey, y'all! My name is Kenny Douyon (he/him), and I am a Senior from Boston, MA. I am an Environmental Science and Statistics double major, hoping to attend graduate school in data science. Apart from being a Class Senator for SGA, I am a Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) facilitator, an EcoRep, and a member of the Colby Museum Student Advisory Board (MSAB). This year, I want to work on improving communications between SGA and the student population while also promoting more sustainable practices at Colby. I'd love to hear your input, so please reach out!

Jackson Rockett
Marblehead, MA

Hey everyone! My name is Jackson Rockett and I am a Class Senator for the Class of 2023. I am from Marblehead, MA and will be living in Dana this year! Beyond SGA, I am a captain of the Men’s Swimming and Diving team, a co-president of SAAC, a member of the History Review Board, and a COOT leader! In my free time, you can probably find me doing laps or grinding on my thesis this year. I am so excited to be back for my fourth and final year on SGA! I look forward to working with my fellow representatives to push for critical action to be taken to ensure that all members of the community have a positive Colby experience! As always, I am always ready and available to chat about any concerns or questions! Looking forward to a fantastic year!

Silas Gramaglia
Concord, MA

Hi Everyone! My name is Silas Gramaglia and I am a Senior from Concord, Massachusetts. I’m extremely excited to continue with my third year as a Senator in the Student Government Association! On Mayflower Hill, I am an Environmental Science and Global Studies double major. I am also Co-President of the Colby Spikeball Club, Co-President of the Surf Club, a sprinter on our Men’s Swim and Dive team, and a member of the Colby Water Polo Club Team. In Maine, I absolutely love getting outside with my classmates. I make frequent trips to the beach, Sugarloaf, and Acadia. I love cooking, surfing, and taking photos. This summer, I worked at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences studying the solubility of iron in seawater. On campus, I can frequently be seen eating a bangin’ meal at Foss or relaxing on Miller Lawn. I can’t wait to work with my fellow classmates and SGA representatives to improve life at Colby! Hope to see you around campus!

Kerrie Verbeek
Southborough, MA

I am so excited to be representing the Class of 2023 as a Senator this year! I also had the opportunity to have this role last year and during my sophomore year served as the SGA Student-Athlete Chair. I am studying Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience and minoring in Environmental Studies. Additionally, I am a sexual violance prevention peer educator, member of the women's soccer team, president of SAAC, CCAK mentor, biology department reserch assistant, and a part of the female athlete alliance. I look forward to working collaboratively with other members of SGA to make this year a great experience for all Colby students!

Class of 2024

Brunda Katikireddy
Durham, NH

Hi everyone! My name is Brunda Katikireddy and I am from Durham, New Hampshire. I am a Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences double major, and this year I will be serving as a Class of 2024 Co-President! Outside of SGA, I am an Admissions Intern, an Orientation Leader, and a TA/Grader for the Computer Science Department. I am super excited to plan fun and unique events, write meaningful motions, and make this year super great for everyone!

Cole Hoffman
Cape Elizabeth, ME

Hi friends! I'm Cole Hoffman (he/him) and I am a Junior who resides from Cape Elizabeth Maine. I'm a Mathematical Sciences major with an Astronomy minor. This is my first year on SGA and I'm very excited to serve! Currently I'm the Treasurer of eNABLE and am involved in ultimate frisbee. My favorite movies are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the Neverending Story. I love being active and hanging out with friends, so please feel free to reach out!

Sarah Snyder
Medford, MA

Hi mules! My name is Sarah (she/her) and I am a Psychology & Economics major I’m from Medford, MA. This is my third year on SGA, having been a Senator last year, and on Class Council the year before. This year, I want to think creatively to implement realistic improvements to dining and housing, as well as gather more student input for SGA class events. Outside of SGA, I am a learning assistant for the psychology department as well as a research assistant for the economics department. Please didn’t hesitate to stop me for a chat or reach out to me about any questions or ideas!

Andrew Iferenta
Nassau, Bahamas

My name is Andrew Iferenta. I am from Nassau, Bahamas, and am a Senator for SGA representing the Class of 2024. I am a member of the radio club WMHB and co-host a radio show. I am also a member of the Football Team. I love reading and listening to music of all genres. I play some guitar and piano and enjoy watching films and shows.

Emily Marrinan
Stamford, CT

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am one of the Class of 2024 Senators. I am from Stamford, CT, and am a Psychology and History double major. On campus, I am also a CCAK mentor and a COOT Leader. I can't wait for my second year as a senator and am excited to work with SGA for a great year!

Rory Hallowell
Brookline, MA

My name is Rory Hallowell and I live just outside of Boston. I'm a double major in Religious and American Studies. I also play on the Squash team and enjoy working with The Environmental Humanities Board and the Colby Dining Committee. Though I love Maine, I am also a citizen of Denmark and enjoy learning about Scandinavian cuisine and culture. I previously served on our class council, as well as being a senator, so I am excited to continue working as a representative for my class. I look forward to hearing from you!

Class of 2025

Lily Moy

Hey mules! My name is Lily Moy and I am your Co-President for the Class of 2025! This year I plan on helping make transportation more accessible throughout campus and collaborating with clubs to increase the number of fundraising events and cultural celebrations. As an environmentalist, I also plan on facilitating more transparency between the school and students on their sustainability practices. On campus, I am a varsity swimmer, Pulver science scholar, climate activist, and STEM major. You can usually find me at the pool, Miller library, or eating at Bobs! I can’t wait to work with you to create a more inclusive, safe environment!

Bibatshu Thapa Chhetri
Chitwan, Nepal

Hi everyone, my name is Bibatshu, and I am from Chitwan, Nepal. It has been a year since I have been in the United States, and in the past year that I have spent in the US and Colby, I realize that I have grown and matured a lot. A lot of the credit goes to the people around me at Colby and beyond, who have helped me understand so much of the culture and life in the United States. In this upcoming year, I want to use my position as a Co-President to ensure that I help formulate the lessons I have learned to further guarantee that all of us can have an incredible growing opportunity at Colby. I want to make Colby a home and an incredible learning community for everyone, like it has been for me. I thank everyone in our class for believing in me and re-electing me. I will be working hard to make the most out of the position that I have been granted.

Sareni Manriquez

Hey everyone! My name is Sareni Manriquez (she/her) and I am a rising sophomore from California. I am excited to represent the class of 2025 as a senator and look forward to making positive + fun changes to Colby. I am in the process of creating my own independent major (hopefully in Fashion Design) and currently have a Japanese minor. I am also the Vice President of a fashion club here at Colby called No Silhouette. I consider how I dress to be very essential to my life. This is exactly my first time getting involved with SGA so I hope I can bring a new perspective or ideas to campus. I can’t wait to see what this new school year will look like!

Eddy Wu
Weston, MA

Hello friends! My name is Eddy Wu and I am from Weston, Massachusetts, I am a Bio-Biochem major and a Theatre and Dance minor. Currently, I am on the Ultimate Frisbee team and have loved every second of it! On top of frisbee I have tried to attend as many community service events as possible at Colby. Additionally, I am a COOT Leader and cant wait to have another great year!

Julia Walsh
Glastonbury, CT

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Walsh and I’m originally from Glastonbury, Connecticut. I’m incredibly excited to be in my second year in SGA as a Senator for the Class of 2025. In SGA, I am most passionate about advocating for student needs, building up the Colby community, strengthening spaces for LGBTQ+ students on campus, promoting transparency within SGA, and making Colby a better place to be overall. At Colby, I am a History major with a Classical Civilization Double minor. Outside of the classroom and SGA, I am the social chair of the a capella group Mayflower Chill, a member of the History Review Board, and part of the Classics Club. I’m always open to chatting and hearing your ideas, so feel free to reach out!

Laney Bagwell
Fort Worth, TX

Hi! My name is Laney, and I'm so honored and excited to serve again as a Class Senator for the Class of 2025. This year, I hope to continue to give students a voice in deciding campus issues, to work with local businesses on civic engagement projects, and continue to work with athletics to provide a better experience for student-athletes. When I'm not working with SGA, you might find me on a hike, skiing, or hanging out with friends around campus. If you ever need to contact me or another class of 2025 representative, make sure to reach out to our class Instagram page!

Class of 2026

Tara Stevens
Georgetown, MA

Hi everyone! My name is Tara Stevens and I am so so super excited to be serving as one of the Co-Presidents for the Class of 2026 this year! I'm from a small town in Northeastern Massachusetts called Georgetown (near Newburyport for you Massachusetts folks). Right now, I'm interested in economics and the dual-degree engineering program. Apart from the SGA, I'm a Bunche Scholar and am interested in quite a few clubs (CSIA, Meditation, and CCAK right now)! You can usually find me getting coffee at Mary Low or chatting away at the Chinese table events. It's my goal to get to know everyone in the class of 2026, so don't be afraid to introduce yourself! I'd love to get to know you and hear about your concerns!

Christine Park
Highland Park, NJ

Hello everyone! My name is Christine Park, and I am thrilled to serve in the SGA as the Class of 2026 Co-President this year! I come from a small city called Highland Park, New Jersey. As for academics, I am a pre-health student majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. Apart from SGA, I am taking guitar lessons and am interested in various clubs such as the CMI, Echo, Pottery club, Korean club, and COC! On campus, you may often see me at the Spa or doing work at Miller; Always feel free to come to greet me and tell me your name. I’d also love to hear out any questions, comments, or suggestions you have! I strongly value mental health, equality, acceptance, openness, and access to resources, and I will advocate for these things on campus! I’m so honored to have been elected into the SGA this year, so please visit Tara and me during our office hours (Friday 3-5 PM) 😀

Jacob Ju

What’s up Mules! My name is Jacob Ju and I’m from Southern California. This year, I’ll be serving as one of your 2026 Class Senators and I’m so excited to work with you all. I plan on majoring in Economics with a minor in Science, Tech, and Society. My main goal for this year is to better collaborate with the Student Programming Board to have better value events and activities for our class, increase diversion and equity by engagement, and to further connect small businesses in Waterville with the students of Colby. Outside of SGA, I work in the recreation office, love exercising in the gym, and expressing my creativity through first year dance. You can probably catch me in the AC so feel free to stop by and say hi!

Ashley Kwon

My name is Ashley Kwon, and as of now, I plan on majoring in Psychology and Economics, possibly with a minor in music. Having finally arrived at Colby campus, I am so excited to leverage my knowledge and witness the kind of change that we can all create together through an environment that prompts open communication, acceptance, opportunity, and self-care. As class senator, I hope to work towards making the Colby experience as inclusive, equitable, and authentic as it can be.

Leela DeSilva
New Haven, CT

Hi everyone! My name is Leela DeSilva (she/her) and I'm from New Haven, Connecticut. This year, I'm one of the Senators for the Class of 2026 and I'm so excited to work with the other SGA members to make positive impacts across campus! I'm hoping to double major in molecular biology and studio art (I am also a Pulver Science Scholar!) with plans of going to medical school after Colby. On campus, I hope to be an avid part of the visual arts scene and I hope to do biology-related research off campus. I am also part of the Hospice Volunteers in Waterville! My goal for this year is to meet as many people as possible and to take advantage of all of the opportunities here on campus. If you would ever like to reach out feel free [email protected]

Saia Patel
Hanover, NH

Hi! My name is Saia Patel (she/her), and I am a Class of 2026 Senator from Hanover, New Hampshire. I am interested in studying Government, Economics, and Philosophy. Outside of the classroom, I am a coxswain on the varsity Women's Crew team and a Colby Votes Fellow. I love spending time outside, and can't wait to explore the amazing trails around campus. I am ready to listen to your ideas and help enact positive change at Colby!