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The Presidents Council consists of 24 members. Six representatives are elected from each class year; two Co-Presidents and four Senators. Their work is centered around developing a tightly-knit class community, improving student life across campus, and working with members from across the College to make lasting positive changes.

Class of 2024

Izzy Tonneson
Park City, Utah

My name is Izzy Tonneson (she/her), and I am the 2024 Co-Class President. On campus, I am the president of the Colby Outing Club and the Colby Cycling Club. I am also the manager of the Eco-Representatives, and I am a member of the COOT Executive Committee. Academically, I am an Environmental Science and English (with literature and the environment) double major. In my free time, I enjoy all kinds of type II fun, drawing, and writing.

Sam McKeown
Medway, MA

Hello! My name is Sam McKeown (he/him), and I'm a Senior here at Colby. I'm a Government and Education major, and am originally from Medway, MA. Outside of SGA I am a member of COOT Committee, work as a Tour Guide in the Admissions office, and am a member of our Ultimate Frisbee B-Team. I absolutely love the Colby community, and am so excited to make the most of our senior year.

Adora Lei
Ashland, MA

Hi there!! My name is Adora Lei (she/her) and I am a current senior studying Economics with a concentration in Financial Markets and Sociology! I'm from Ashland, Massachusetts and go by she/her and I'm a Bunche Scholar. At Colby, I work as a DavisConnects Advising Communications Fellow and am the President of our campus Asian Student Association. This year I'll be working on a senior research thesis in our Economics department related to ESG and the impact elasticity of electric technology. I love meeting new people and look forward to seeing how we can strengthen diversity and inclusion at Colby. Cultivating a sense of inclusion for our BIPOC and low-income students is critical for Colby and I love helping out fellow mules! Let's rally for this final push, seniors!

Sarah Snyder
Medford, MA

Hi Mules! My name is Sarah (she/her), and I'm a Psychology & Economics major from Medford, MA. On campus, I partake in psychology and economics research. You can usually find me in the common room of my suite or in Miller. I am looking forward to my last year on SGA, and I'm excited to make this a fun year for everyone!

Cole Hoffman
Cape Elizabeth, ME

Hello everyone! My name is Cole (he/him) and I'm a Mainer from Cape Elizabeth. On campus I play on the Ultimate Frisbee team and also am a part of the e-NABLE club. I love to run, collect baseball cards, and fish. I'm excited to serve and see you all this year!

Maura Thompson
Middleburg, VA

Hi!! My name is Maura Thompson, and I am majoring in Philosophy and Classics-English. I am also a reporter for the Colby Echo and member of the Women's Waterpolo team. In my spare time, I volunteer with the Waterville Humane Society. I love reading, food, and watching The Real Housewives!​

Class of 2025

Lily Moy
Brookline, MA

Hello, my name is Lily Moy (she/her) and I am from Brookline, MA. On campus, I am also a swimmer and Pulver Science Scholar who loves to take part in Colby Dancers, pottery club, COOT, and the outing club. You can usually find me hiking, trying new restaurants around Waterville, or taking day trips with my friends! On SGA, I enjoy organizing fun events for the class of 2025 and contributing my ideas to a diverse group of SGA members.

Niamh Lacey
Weston, MA

Hi everyone! My name is Niamh Lacey (she/her) and I am a Co-President represent the Class of 2025. I am majoring in Philosophy and History, with a minor in Jewish Studies. I’m from Weston, Massachusetts, but have come to see Colby as a second home. My priority as a member of SGA is to address community needs and grow Colby into an environment that is inclusive of all students. I hope to work with the administration and my peers to inspire a culture of the college that is committed to meeting students where they are, celebrating what all they have to offer, enriching all aspects of their life here, and preparing them for the futures they seek. Outside of class and my various roles on campus, I can usually be found in the Spa, at the AC watching a game, or spending time outside with friends. Please feel free reach out with any questions and concerns, or just to say hi!

Parth Parth

Hey everyone! I'm Parth (he/him) and I'm a Class Senator for the Class of 2025. On campus, I am involved with the Outing Club and the Radio! Outside of Colby, I like to travel and hike whenever I can. Reach out if you have anything you want to talk about, and say hi if you see me around!

Elliot Do
Natick, MA

Hello everyone! My name is Elliot Do (he/him) and I hail from Natick, MA. Apart from representing the junior class as your Class Senator, I'm an active member of the Men's Crew Team, work at the Colby Bookstore, and am involved in Crescendo for a Cause and coach the Colby CLAX team. Outside of these commitments, I spend my time naming my pets after different foods (so far being 4 fish, Pollock, Salmon, Sushi and Sashimi), grow my cologne collection, and occasionally procrastinate my homework by playing Jazz piano. I am super excited to make this year great together!

Audrey Shirer

Position to be filled.

Derek Hessinger

Position to be filled.

Class of 2026

Leela DeSilva
New Haven, CT

Hi everyone! My name is Leela (she/her/hers) and I am one of your co-presidents for this year! I am a sophomore from New Haven, CT and a Chemistry major hoping to go to medical school. On campus, I am part of the Pulver Science Scholars, Club Water Polo, Biology Club, Art Club, and Waterville Hospice Volunteers! Outside of all that, I love to read, find new music, and draw. I cannot wait to work with you all and have a fantastic year!

Ashley Kwon
Belle Mead, NJ

Hi, everyone! My name is Ashley Kwon, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a sophomore from Belle Mead, NJ, double majoring in Psychology and Economics with a minor in music. Outside of SGA, you can find me as the External Affairs Manager for the Pre-law Society, the Pugh Center Leadership Coalition representative for the Colby Korean Club, a Co-Lead Ambassador for Colby’s Women’s Network, and a Community Advisor for Pierce Residence Hall. I look forward to working in SGA this upcoming school year!

Lillian Ranco
Westbrook, ME

My name is Lillian Ranco (She/Her) and I am a sophomore from Westbrook, Maine. I am a new member to the Class of 2026 Senate and am so excited to work with the rest of SGA to make this year the best one yet! Aside from SGA I am an active member of CCAK, Colby Chorale, and Club Field Hockey. On my free time I enjoy going to the beach, running, and listening to music. Feel free to reach out anytime 🙂

Declan Dineen
San Diego, CA

Hello everyone! My name is Declan (he/him), I'm from upstate NY but went graduated high school out in San Diego. I'm planning to study Latin American Studies and Economics. On campus, I'm apart of Men's Rugby, SVP Peer Leadership, Tutoring/Proctoring, and SGA! This is my second year apart of SGA and I couldn't be more excited to work alongside y'all.

Atakan Erefe

Hello everyone! This is Atakan Erefe from Turkey. I'm a Computer Science and Music double major with an Economics minor. I am very excited to serve as one of the senators of the class of 2026 this year.

Alfonso Ambriz
El Paso, TX

Hi y'all! I'm Alfonso (he/him) a native to El Paso, Texas and an FLI Student. I take part in a lot around campus, however I'm most endowed to the Questbridge Club, the Pugh Center as a FLI Mentor, and my friend group as the local cook. I look forward to getting to know y'all especially as the year starts up, I hope I can assist the community in building a better Colby for the students it serves!

Class of 2027

Chris Campbell
West Hartford, Connecticut

Hi, my name is Chris Campbell and I’m your Class of 2027 Co-President. I am from West Hartford, Connecticut, use he/him pronouns, and currently on the Club Volleyball Team though I hope to join the Mens team.

Rebecca Anderson
Decorah, Iowa

Hey y'all! My name is Rebecca Anderson and I'm from Decorah, Iowa! I run cross country and track at Colby, and beyond that am involved in pottery club! I am currently planning on majoring in history with a pre-law concentration, but honestly, who knows what will happen!? I am so excited to be one of our class's representatives this year!

Kingsford Sarpong

My name is Kingsford Sarpong, and I am from Ghana. I use he/him pronouns, and is a meber of the Colby African Society, the Computer Science Club, and the Meditation Club.

Aishah Awotubo-Qasim
New York City, NY

Hey! I'm Aishah, a decent of Nigeria but I live in NYC now. My pronouns are she/her. In my free time, I like to freestyle and see where life takes me, which is probably why I joined 15+ clubs. Among these 15 however, I feel particularly connected to the Colby Muslim Society (CMS), Colby African Society (CAS), Her Campus, and Student Organization for Black and Latinx Unity (SOBLU). Feel free to say hi and chat your worries away when you see me around, I am here to advocate for you!

Aubrey Costello

Position to be filled by 9/25.

Connor Kennedy

Position to be filled by 9/25.