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The Presidents Council consists of 24 members. Six representatives are elected from each class year – two Co-Presidents and four Senators. Their work is centered around developing a tightly-knit class community, improving student life across campus, and working with members from across the College to make lasting positive changes.

Class of 2022

Morgan Honor
Tuxedo Park, NY

My name is Morgan Honor, and I am a senior at Colby college. I’m from Tuxedo Park, NY. I have been involved with SGA since my first year at Colby. Additionally at Colby, I am involved with CCAK, STEM on the Run, CER, and Mediocre. I’m an Anthropology major and Chemistry minor, and after college I hope to go to medical school to study to become a doctor.

Ellie Batchelder
Kittery, ME

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Batchelder and I am psyched to serve as one of the Co-Presidents for the Class of 2022 this year. At Colby, I am an Environmental Policy and Government double major and am specifically interested in issues of marine fisheries management and offshore wind. In my free time, I love to explore Maine by bike, on skis, or on the water, bake bagels, eat ice cream, and watch a good sunset.

Georgia Freeland
Boston, MA

My name is Georgia Freeland and I am one of the Class of ’22 Senators. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Managerial Economics. Some of the things I am involved with on campus include: Club Ski member, Colby Surf Member, and Mediocre Member. The reason I wanted to be on SGA was to voice concerns about the disconnect on the Colby Campus regarding social culture.

Muxin Li
Beijing, China

Hello everyone! My name is Mu(xin), and I’m one of the senators for Class of 2022. I grew up in Beijing, China and my second hometown is Arcata, California where I lived for a year. I double major in economics-financial markets and statistics and minor in music. I’m really excited to be part of SGA, and I look forward to hearing your voices!

Leah Montello
West Dover, VT

My name is Leah Montello, and I am a Senior Class Senator. I am from West Dover, Vermont, and I am a Classical Civilization and English double major. This will be my second year as a Class of 2022 Senator. I am very excited to be a part of SGA once again! Apart from SGA and its various committees that I am involved in, I am also a member of the Women’s Rugby team, CCAK, and Club Skiing.

Ben Guth
Concord, MA

I am a member of the Class of 2022 majoring in Global Studies and Economics with a concentration in Financial Markets. My main goal for this year is to foster an open and transparent environment where any and all input is taken, while also working to create as memorable a senior year as possible for the Class of 2022. Furthermore, I hope to make improvements to housing and dining that can benefit Colby students.

Class of 2023

Anthony Burnett
Malden, MA

Yo, what's good, my name is Anthony Burnett, I go by Biz and I am a co-president for the Class of 2023. This is my second year serving on SGA. I hail from Malden, MA (The Dirty Den) but now live in East Boston, MA with my mother and pitbull named Lexie. I am a government major and outside of the classroom I play football, co-host a radio show, and announce softball games.

Lulu Saghie
New York, NY

Hi! My name’s Lulu Saghie, I’m from New York City, and I’m one of two presidents of the Class of 2023. At Colby I am double majoring in Physics and Government. Outside of the classroom, I am a TA for the Math and Physics Departments, a Copy Editor for Outside Colby, a Sports Writer for the Athletics website, and I was an Orientation Leader this past August.

Lowell Carr

Full biography coming soon!

Jackson Rockett
Marblehead, MA

Hey everyone! My name is Jackson Rockett and I am a junior Senator from Marblehead, MA. At Colby, I am double-majoring in Government and History. Beyond SGA, I am a captain of the men’s swimming and diving team, a COOT leader, Secretary of the SAAC Executive Board, and a member of the History Review Board. You can mostly find me at the pool or in line for ice cream in Bobs.

Sophie Wentz

Full biography coming soon!

Kerrie Verbeek
Southborough, MA

Hi Everyone! My name is Kerrie Verbeek, and I am a senator for the Class of 2023. I am from Southborough, MA, but just moved to Salem, NH. I am a Biology major with a concentration in Neuroscience and a Chemistry minor. Outside of the classroom, I play on the women’s soccer team, am a Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Educator, work as a lab assistant for the Biology Department, and am a CCAK mentor.

Class of 2024

Brunda Katikireddy
Durham, NH

Hi! My name is Brunda Katikireddy and I am from Durham, New Hampshire. I am a co-president for the Class of 2024, and this will be my first year in this position! I am a Computer Science major, with a minor in Math. Outside of SGA, I lead our school’s chapter of e-NABLE, and am an admissions intern.

Kimanie Brown
Brooklyn, NY

My name is Kimanie Brown (he/him/his) and I’m a proud member of the class of 2024! After leading my class as a class President last year, I’m elated to be back in this position again to foster change for our community! I’m a loving guy from Brooklyn and I enjoy singing and getting to meet new people!

Sarah Snyder
Medford, MA

Hi Mules! My name is Sarah Snyder, and I am a newly elected Senator for the Class of 2024. I’m from Medford, MA and I am a Psychology and Economics major. Outside of SGA, I am the Treasurer for the newly restarted Colby Model U.N., an Oak Student Committee Member, and an avid player on the ultimate frisbee team.

Andrew Iferenta
Nassau, Bahamas

My name is Andrew Iferenta. I am from Nassau, Bahamas, and am a Senator for SGA representing the Class of 2024. I am a member of the radio club WMHB and co-host a radio show. I am also a member of the Football Team. I love reading and listening to music of all genres. I play some guitar and piano and enjoy watching films and shows.

Emily Marrinan
Stamford, CT

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Marrinan and I am from Stamford, CT. At Colby, I am part of the COOT program, CCAK, and lifeguard at the pool. I love to spend time outdoors, whether it is at the beach, hiking, or just studying on Miller lawn or at one of the picnic tables between Foss and Mary Low.

Rory Hallowell
Brookline, MA

My name is Rory Hallowell and I live just outside of Boston. I'm a double major in Religious and American Studies. I also play on the squash team and enjoy working with Fauna magazine and the Colby Dining Committee. Though I love Maine, I am also a citizen of Denmark and enjoy learning about Scandinavian cuisine and culture. I previously served on class council, so I am excited to take on more responsibility as a representative for my class. I feel very fortunate to be a senator, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Class of 2025

Keegan Gleason
Millbury, MA

Hi! My name is Keegan Gleason and I am one of the Co-Presidents for the class of 2025. I am from a small town called Millbury located in central Massachusetts. Here on campus, I am on both the Cross Country and Track and Field teams and am planning to pursue a major in government. I am so excited to be a part of SGA and hope to begin enacting positive change.

Bibatshu Thapa Chhetri
Chitwan, Nepal

Hi everyone, I am Bibatshu, and I represent myself from a small valley between the mountains of Nepal. Just to address a small FAQ and also drop a fun fact about me: No, I haven’t climbed Everest yet. Some day, I do plan to summit it, though! (maybe JanPlan tour for Colby?). I enjoy singing and getting to meet new people!

Joshua Kaplan
Long Island, NY

Hello, Colby! My name is Josh Kaplan and I am a first-year Colby student (and first-time member of SGA). I grew up on Long Island, NY, but I’m ready to forget all about the people from there and focus on how to help you! My interests are vast- I am part of the varsity men’s tennis team and the jazz band here at Colby- and expanding, and I’m always on the lookout to make life more compact (to allow for said expanding).

Eddy Wu
Weston, MA

Hello friends! My name is Eddy Wu and I am from Weston Massachusetts! I am on the Bio Pre-med track and hopefully one day will become a trauma surgeon. Currently, I am on the Ultimate Frisbee team and have loved every second of it! On top of frisbee I have tried to attend as many community service events as possible at Colby.

Julia Walsh
Glastonbury, CT

Hey everyone! My name is Julia Walsh and I’m from Glastonbury, Connecticut. On campus I am involved in SGA as a 2025 class senator, the acapella group Mayflower Chill, and the college choir Collegium. I’m hoping to be a History major with a Classical Civ minor, but at the moment, I am chronically undecided.

Laney Bagwell
Fort Worth, TX

Hi! My name is Laney Bagwell, and I’m a freshman class senator from Fort Worth, Texas. Outside of SGA, my interests include being a part of the women’s crew team, reading, and music. I’m really looking forward to making Colby a more efficient, inclusive, and safe campus this year. Go Mules!