Alfond Commons

Alfond Commons Residential Community

Alfond Commons is a civic engagement residential community focused on civic learning and democratic engagement. Opened in fall 2018, Alfond Commons is home to 200 Colby students, faculty, and staff who are deeply engaged in our city, while also serving and supporting a variety of civic and community organizations. Residents are committed to being engaged members of their community and guided by a set of shared values and goals.  

Through participation in direct service, academic and community based learning experiences, Alfond Commons residents engage in a rich set of activities that define life at Colby and prepare students to live productive, healthy lives of leadership and purpose.

Our Community Values:

  • Listening and being open to learning outside of the formal classroom 
  • Being intentional, thoughtful, and caring members of the Greater Waterville area community
  • Treating new experiences and encounters with respect and patience 
  • Holding ourselves to the highest standard of service and civic engagement 
  • Being inclusive and collaborative 
  • Reflecting on experiences of service and engagement with thoughtfulness and humility
  • Extending compassion and understanding to all members of the community
  • Leading with integrity and striving for excellence in all our endeavors


Contact Civic Engagement

Bill and Joan Alfond Commons
150 Main Street in downtown Waterville

[email protected]