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Chace Community Forum Sample Room Configurations

The Chace Community Forum can accommodate up to 75 people. Events that are lecture style can accommodate approximately 75 people while seated meals can accommodate approximately 50 people. Please note the projector and podium can be included or removed from any room configuration.

Audience Style

The Audience Style room configuration is ideal for events where there is a main speaker. Seating can be arranged to accommodate up to 9 rows of 6 chairs, a total of 54 floor seats. The built-in risers on the left side of the forum can seat up to 18 people.

Banquet Style

The Banquet Style room configuration is ideal for dinners or conference events. Up to 8 round tables with 7 seats at each table can be arranged for up to 56 floor seats.

Classroom Style

The Classroom Style room configuration is ideal for trainings or events where attendees will need access to a table. Each row includes 2 tables and 4 chairs and can be configured to accommodate around 30 attendees.

Panel Presentation with Audience Seating

The Panel Presentation is ideal for panel-style presentations. Tables and chairs are arranged at the front of the room for panelists with audience style seating for event attendees. Up to 56 floor seats are available, as well as the built-in risers on the left side of the forum which can seat an additional 18 people.

Meeting Style

The Meeting Style room configuration is ideal for formal meetings or any event where attendees will need to engage with one another. If your event involves a meeting presenter or facilitator that would like to use the podium, this room configuration can also take the form of a “U” shape instead of a square so no attendees will have their back facing the presenter. This room configuration can accommodate up to 40 attendees.

Networking Style

The Networking Style room configuration is ideal for networking events or events where most participants will be standing or socializing during your event. Networking Style configurations can be designed to your individual meeting needs with any number of tables and chairs. The default option includes 20 chairs lined up against the walls around the Forum, as well as 5 rectangular tables on wheels that can be located at any location in the room. The Chace Forum lobby is often used in the Networking Style configuration to offer space for event registration. This room configuration is ideal for events with up to 75 attendees.

Open Space

The Open Space room configuration is ideal for events where the hosts would like to bring in their own furniture or would like the space to remain open.

Your Request: Custom Room Configuration

The Chace Community Forum can be configured to accommodate the needs of your event. If one of the sample room configurations may not work for your event, please select the Custom Room Requests option in the reservation form and provide a description in the “Additional Details” section. The available furniture for your custom room configuration is listed below. Please note that you are permitted to bring in your own furniture for your event, but only the furniture listed below is available for Colby to provide.


  • 65 plastic chairs
  • 20 rectangular tables on wheels (measuring 5.5’ x 2.5’)
  • 8 round banquet tables (including tablecloths)
  • 1 speaker podium

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