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Statistical Surveys, Censuses, & Society

Statistical Surveys

Professor Jerzy Wieczorek and the students enrolled in his Statistical Surveys, Censuses, and Society course examined the role of sampling and surveys in the context of U.S. society. Professor Wieczorek and his class took on the important challenge of evaluating the accuracy and relevance of both survey methods and survey responses to uncover the ways in which surveys and censuses influence American institutions and daily life. To understand how surveys are being used in the Waterville community, Professor Wieczorek and his students partnered with Waterville Fire Department Chief Shawn Esler to solicit community input about fire department strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Students designed and implemented a survey of community members using careful sampling procedures and rigorous, well-motivated methods to collect their data. The data was used in the Fire Department’s 2020 strategic planning process, and a written report summarizing key features of the data will be provided to the Fire Department for use in future strategic planning efforts.

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