Attention Colby College Class of 2024... Outdoor 24 is here, are you ready?

On Saturday, September 11th your class will embark on a 24 hour, overnight, off campus experience on beautiful Damariscotta Lake in Nobleboro, ME. Outdoor ‘24 has been designed to create an atmosphere that allows you to meet new classmates and connect over a variety of choose your own adventure opportunities facilitated in partnership by your hosts at Camp Kieve Wavus Education and a variety of experienced Colby student leaders; both are excited to help you find connections not created your first year, and strengthen friendships you have already created.

Outdoor 24

Common questions

This form will be used to ensure the camp has all the appropriate dietary information, to create groups for ice breakers and after dinner small group time, to communicate any necessary accommodations during the program, and to assign all sophomores to cabins. All small groups and cabins will be randomly assigned, meaning you are not able to request cabinmates. This is to promote connecting and developing relationships with entirely new people; there will be open activities time for you to find and connect with the friends you are coming into the Outdoor 24 with, no worries!

You do not need to be “outdoorsy” to have a great time at Outdoor ‘24, but you could learn that you do love being outside! This is a zero outdoor experience required program.  All of the facilitated and planned activities will happen outside, weather permitting, but can be moved unders shelter if necessary. Our partners at Camp Kieve Wavus Education want to ensure you have a great experience and strive to ensure all activities are accessible for all comfort and interest levels.  If you have questions during an activity or would like to know about accommodations that are available, all you have to do is ask the staff facilitators and they will make arrangements to help you find something that aligns with your interests and comfort levels. 

All students must take the Colby provided transportation to Campus Kieve and Wavus. For safety purposes students are not permitted to drive themselves. 

Definitely not.  The Camp Kieve Wavus team is experienced with accommodating dietary requirements and are prepared to meet your dietary needs at all meals as long as you articulate those on the information form that is due August 6th.  All needs will be provided to the Camp Chefs ahead of time, if they have specific questions they will be able to follow up with you directly via your Colby email.

No. All students will be sleeping in cabins that sleep between 10 and 12 students, each with a bathroom inside the cabin.  You will need to bring your own bed linens or sleeping bag and a pillow.  While you will not be sleeping outside, you should pay attention to the overnight temperatures and the weather to make sure you pack accordingly to be comfortable throughout all aspects of the Outdoor ‘24 experience. All cabins will be randomly assigned to promote connecting and developing relationships with entirely new people; there will be open activities time for you to find and connect with the friends you are coming into the Outdoor 24 with, no worries!

In addition to bed linens or a sleeping bag and your pillow you will need to pack clothing appropriate for the weather (for both outdoor day time and evening activities and sleeping) as well as toiletries, bug spray, sun screen, and any personal activity supplies (tennis racket).  Things like basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, foursquare/gaga balls, frisbees, etc. will be available at camp courts.  If you want to swim or participate in water based activities you should bring a bathing suit (or clothes that can get wet) and a towel as well as appropriate footwear that can get wet/sandy/muddy.

All additional questions can be directed to [email protected]. Please know that we strive to provide answers within 24 hours of all outreaches and email is absolutely the best way to connect with the multiple staff and student leaders working to coordinate Outdoor ‘24.

Contact Campus Life &
Outdoor Education

SJ Tinker
Interim Director of Outdoor Education & Leadership
Office: Cotter Union, Box 4284

Phone: 207-859-4284
Fax: 207-859-4285
E-mail: [email protected]