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Emergency Notification Siren

In the winter of 2007-08 Colby installed a siren and public address loudspeaker atop Mayflower Hill. If the siren sounds, seek a secure location and await instructions (see below). Instructions may be broadcast over the public address loudspeaker.



Colby subscribes to a telephone messaging service, Connect-Ed (found under “Services” tab), that allows students and employees to receive emergency information and instructions on cell phones or landlines. Students are required to register with the Connect-Ed system.

Follow-Up Information

  • Connect-Ed – Additional information can be sent to telephones
  • – Colby’s home page will have specific instructions if an alert has sounded.
  • E-mail – Emergency instructions can be sent to all students and employees as e-mail
  • Security Officers – Security, law-enforcement officers, and other emergency responders equipped with radios can be dispatched to deliver follow-up information

Blackboard Connect FAQ

The Blackboard Connect Emergency Notification System is used to transmit brief emergency messages to the Colby campus community as quickly as possible. This system will be used primarily to alert you to an emergency situation and provide immediate instructions. Blackboard Connect is one of several resources that may be used in any given emergency.

Immediately follow any instructions provided in the alert, which will be delivered via phone, text message, and email. As the situation develops, further information will be provided via email, the Colby home page (, and, in some cases, social media. Check your email and the home page regularly. Be sure to share the information with those around you.

Your Colby email account and/or Colby employee work phone number will always be included in your emergency notifications.  You are strongly urged to submit your primary contact phone number (typically and ideally a personal mobile phone number).  

Colby’s privacy policies protect all student, staff and faculty information.  Colby’s contract for the use of Blackboard Connect requires the vendor to maintain confidentiality of the information. The contact information you submit will be used at Colby for emergency purposes or for testing emergency communications.

You should provide numbers that will reach you while you are on or near campus.  If you have a mobile phone, please submit that information so we can reach you via phone and text message. You may also submit up to two additional phone numbers (e.x. a local number where you can often be reached) and a non-Colby email address.  For the hearing impaired, a TYY phone number may be entered to enable emergency calls to a TTY device. 

The form for entering/updating information allows you to enter two phone numbers for emergency contact person (parent/guardian/spouse/family) purposes. Those phone numbers will be contacted depending on the type of emergency. For students: do not list your parents/guardians’ mobile phone numbers in any of your primary contact or additional phone number fields.

Email messages will appear with the subject line “Colby Emergency Notification”. The sender will be Colby College Emergency ([email protected]). You are also likely to get official email from the campus emergency response team that will be clearly identified.

You will see “23177”,”63079″, or 82932″ as the text messaging number sending you the emergency message.  You are urged to save these numbers and program them in your phone as “Colby Emergency Notification” so that you can quickly recognize the message as an official emergency notice from the College.

To receive text messages you must supply an SMS-capable phone number to the Blackboard Connect system in the text message field.  If you did not receive a text message when others did, check that you have correctly filled in the field on our Blackboard Connect form. This number may be the same as your primary phone. Please refer to the myColby ( “Campus Life” tab and check the “Emergency Connect Information”. If your SMS-capable phone number is missing or incorrect, enter your phone number in the TTY phone box and update the information.

It is possible that you do not have your contact information loaded in the Blackboard Connect system or it might be inaccurate.  Please refer to the myColby ( “Campus Life” tab and check the “Emergency Connect Information” portlet.  If your information is missing or invalid, make the appropriate change and click on “Update”. It takes up to 24 hours for updates to be loaded into the Blackboard Connect system. 

No, at this time the Blackboard Connect system does not support international phone numbers.

Yes, all phone numbers require an area code.  Make sure that every phone number you submit has 10 digits.

No.  The Blackboard Connect system can only handle direct dial phone numbers.

Contact Campus Security

EMERGENCIES: 207-859-5911

128 Roberts Building
5530 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901
P: 207-859-5530
[email protected]