Procedure for authorized secure firearm storage

  1. All firearms and ammunition on campus must be stored at the Security Department.
  2. A firearm storage request form must be completed and signed upon the initial request to store a firearm or ammunition.
  3. A Colby Card must be presented to store or retrieve a firearm.
  4. Any student may submit a firearm for immediate storage at the Security Department. In order for the firearm to be returned to the student by the Security Department, the requirements of this policy must be met and the student must provide proof of a firearm safety course or a valid State of Maine hunting license.
  5. Names of students storing firearms will be shared with the Dean of Students Office.
  6. Access to the firearms storage locker will be controlled by the Security Department.
  7. Students wishing to access their firearm must contact the Security Department in advance to make an appointment to retrieve their firearm.
  8. Firearms must have actions cleared, and chambers and magazines empty with a gun lock in place.
  9. Ammunition to be stored at the Security Department must be in a durable container, clearly marked with the owner’s name and housing assignment number. Ammunition will be limited to 50 rounds for rifles and 25 rounds for shotguns.
  10. Magazines that hold more than the standard number of rounds are prohibited.
  11. Firearms must be transported to and from the Security Department in a protective case.
  12. The Security Department reserves the right to refuse to release any firearm to an individual for any reason.
  13. The Security Department reserves the right to require that firearms be shipped off campus at the owner’s expense.
  14. The Security Department is not responsible for items damaged or lost.
  15. Except for law enforcement, concealed weapons and handguns of any type are prohibited on campus.
  16. This policy shall not apply to Law enforcement officials, supervised educational programs approved in advance by the President of the College or their designee, and persons or programs otherwise approved by the President of the College or their designee.
  17. This policy shall apply to any campus properties, off-campus properties, buildings, parking lots and any other grounds owned, operated or under the control of Colby College.

Contact Campus Security

EMERGENCIES: 207-859-5911

128 Roberts Building
5530 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, Maine 04901
P: 207-859-5530
[email protected]